Casio G-Squad GBD-H2000-1A9ER - Unisex - 52 mm - Digitalt - Digitalt/Smartwatch - Mineralglas

Casios new smartwatch investment is produces in a collaboration with the well-known brand, Polar Smartwatch, who has been leading the market for smartwatch software the last couple of years. Through this collaboration, Casio has secured a strong and trustworthy software for their version of a smartwatch, that has everything that a G-Shock stands for; Absolute Toughness. The watch should be connected to Casio Watches app to get the full enjoyment of all the functions.
– Sport: Running, Walking/Hiking, Cycling, Swimming
– Functions: Pulse, heartrate, altitude, swimming strokes, speed, distance, accelorometer, GPS, sleeping rhythm, nerve status, blood oxygen measurement, breathing exercise, gyroscope, magnetic- pressure- and thermo-sensor, that measures altitude/air pressure and temperature.
– Charging: Charger for training functions & GPS. Time display is powered by solar charging.

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